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Helping You Turn an Ordinary Space Into a Spectacular Extension of Your Style and Personality


Many people have no idea of what they really want their home's interior to look like or feel like, they are unsure of the right color combinations and the type of furniture they want, but they know they want a change.


We can help you redefine your home's interior by helping you figure out how you want your home to feel and the look and style that suits your lifestyle. 


From redefining a space with new furniture, colors, patterns, decor, and accessories, you can have a warm and comfortable living space that's welcoming and inviting, or luxurious, elegant, and makes a statement. 


Depending on your budget, we can work on completely renovating your space or rearrange a room to improve the flow and function. 


You may not realize it, but your environment can affect the way you feel. Start every day in a livable and lovable home.


Our residential interior design process


1. Consultation— I will spend some time getting to know you better and understand your wants and needs for your home's interior design.​

Design plan—I will draw up the design plan and ideas and email them to you or drop it off. I will give you a couple of options based on our discussion for different design concepts that would work best. 

2. Color swatches— Once you choose the plan you like the best, I will give you color swatches to use to coordinate flooring, countertops, paint, backsplashes, furniture patterns, decor, art, and accessories.

3. Flooring, countertop, paint, backsplash— Based on the color swatches, I will pick two or three options for your home's main design elements. You can then decide which you'd like to order to achieve your planned look. 


4. Decor and art— I will shop for coordinating decor and art to fit your interior design plan and bring over a few pieces to arrange. You can decide if you like them and want to keep them or if we need to keep looking for new items. 


5. Furniture— I will help you select the right style, color, and pattern that naturally coordinates with your plan's items.


6. Ordering— This is an optional step. I can do the ordering for you, or you can order the furniture, flooring, countertop, paint, backsplash, decor, art, and accessories from any store of your choosing. 


7. Renovation and installation— This is also an optional step. I can stay involved with your remodel and help coordinate with your general contractor to stay on plan. I can place the decor and furniture when it arrives to achieve the look you wanted in your home. You can always DIY the install, contracting, and arranging.


If you're ready to get started on your interior design, visit our contact page.

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